What We Offer


Boost employee health with our 45 minute high energy, total body workouts. Through a combination of high intensity cardio and incredibly efficient resistance training, our bootcamps increase overall health and even continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours.

Health Assessment

Get health costs under control with an annual health assessment. Our health questionnaire and biometric screening will give each employee a deeper look into their current health status and help improve their well-being.

Wellness Newsletter

Promote the value of good health by educating employees on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Our monthly wellness newsletters are targeted specifically for your company and provide health tips, recipes, and updates on fun exercise trends to try!

Fitness Incentive Challenges

Get your employees excited about wellness and encourage high level professional performance. Workplace quarterly challenges build a climate of fun, create a sense of community, and improve employee engagement.

Lunch and Learns

Motivate employees while creating an environment of communication, collaboration, and learning. Our 45 minute customizable training/presentation sessions are facilitated by certified personal trainers and cover important wellness issues.


Fitness Within offers those enrolled in our corporate wellness program an unlimited bootcamp membership!  For only $99 per/month you can enroll in as many bootcamps offered at your company location and/or at our Fitness Within facility in Reading, MA.