Laura P

In terms of running, I’ve gotten faster and I’ve had no (knock on wood) injuries since starting at Fitness Within. This spring I took 12 minutes off my 10K PR and 22 minutes off my half marathon PR. The improvements I’ve seen since starting at Fitness Within have helped to give me the courage to register for my first marathon, and I can’t wait to see how it goes! Overall, I’ve noticed improvements in my strength, energy, and attitude towards working out. I’ve lost weight and decreased my body fat percentage. A year ago I wouldn’t touch a weight, and now I crave bootcamps at Fitness Within. I would recommend Fitness Within to everyone! Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, Fitness Within has something for you. The bootcamps are so adaptable with modifications to make things more or less challenging based on your ability. Fitness Within is a great place to start, continue, or redirect your path.

Christine B.

I was frustrated with my physical health and the inability to lose weight when I decided to start my fitness journey. I have worked with Dom, Aaron and Kyle. I like that they push you past your own limitations but care to make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly. I find the bootcamps fast paced and a great variety of experience, while the small groups have more weight training and individualized attention. I am physically stronger and dropped one dress size in a month. I highly recommend Fitness Within. It is a personal, friendly training environment. As a woman in my mid 40s this is the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever felt.

Dara T.

I started to work out because I wanted to get into shape. I have worked with Dom, Aaron and Kyle. They are super friendly and encouraging. What I love best about the bootcamps is the sweating and there is a different workout every day! I feel more energized since taking these bootcamps. I would recommend Fitness Within to anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

Jennifer P.

I wanted to get into shape and be healthy. All the trainers are helpful and motivating. I enjoy the bootcamps because there is a different workout each day and the biggest change is that I can control my breathing better and I feel stronger. I would recommend Fitness Within to family and friends who need help living a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa D.

I started my fitness journey to become stronger. I’ve never have been particularly strong and I thought it was about time. I love the bootcamps because I get through them even when I think I won’t be able to and it is getting better each time. I would recommend Fitness Within because it is the first place I’ve been where I have felt comfortable. There are plenty of people near my level so I don’t feel out of place.

Mike S.

I started taking classes because I have always run on my own and wanted to supplement running with other activities. The classes are very intense, never the same, and the instructor pushes you as well as encourages you – it’s very satisfying when you finish each workout. I feel stronger, have more endurance and have also learned more about nutrition.

Peter H.

Well thought out workouts, and stretching with Cat has resulted in improved flexibility, weight loss and better fitness. My diet has also improved with Domenic’s guidance. I would recommend this to anyone who goes to other local gyms or fitness studios. This is way better.

Diana B.

I originally came in to lose weight and tone up before a vacation trip, but now I am addicted and cannot imagine not attending classes each week. They are fun, interactive and the trainers push me to a place I normally would not go; as a result, I have more stamina and energy.

Denise M

I started my fitness journey to work on healing my mind, body and spirit. All the staff and trainers really care about helping me and work with my specific body type and me as whole. I have more strength and flexibility and this has also helped me to build my self-esteem.

Ashely O.

I love the variety of fitness classes that are offered and the fact that I feel better after each class. I started in order to lose weight and body fat and know that I am in better shape now.

Jon B.

I started my fitness journey because I needed to gain muscle and body weight. By working with Jason and Dom, having someone to push me and put me on a program to succeed, I have increased my weight and improved my strength and conditioning. The staff is professional in every sense and a pleasure to work with.

Cathy G.

I was inspired by Jason to get fit. During our workouts, he pushes me just enough and encourages me to keep on going. I know that I am stronger than I was when I first started.

Jenn M.

I joined Fitness Within to lose weight and get back in shape. What I love about these sessions is learning the right form and seeing the results. My posture has improved, muscles toned and with nutritional guidance, my diet has also improved.

Jamie B.

The sessions are challenging but also rewarding. I have lost weight and increased my stamina.

Rose S.

After gaining a great deal of weight and being constantly tired, I decided it was time to stop a bad cycle. With Dom’s help and guidance, I have lost 40 lbs., have increased my strength and stamina, and have a much better understanding of how food as well as exercise affects me. It is also great to have someone encourage you when you feel you cannot succeed – because you can succeed.

Tracy S.

I had been working out for years on my own without seeing any results in strength and tone. I am so glad that I decided to hire Domenic as my personal trainer. I have been working with him for almost a year, and I have seen significant improvement in both strength and tone. My clothes fit so much better, and my stamina has improved. Domenic knows my limits and always provides the right amount of motivation, and gets me to safely push beyond my perceived limits when I want to give up. The workouts he designs for me are both fun and challenging, and I always look forward to our sessions. Anyone that is serious about getting in shape and changing their life, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Domenic now!

Rick G.

I have trained with several trainers over the years so I knew exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. I didn’t have very high expectations before consulting with Domenic because he seemed to be a little too young to be very knowledgeable about anything, though I was impressed by what he had to say through our email correspondence. During my consult with Domenic, I realized that he is extremely knowledgeable and he obviously practiced what he preached (He is a certainly not a trainer who obtained his PT Certification by taking a course over a single weekend). We talked for a long time and discussed areas of training other trainers just wouldn’t (or couldn’t) go. Especially topics related to diet and the anatomy of the body which, let’s face it, you need that knowledge if you want to improve it. After our consult I was energized and excited to start training with a trainer who is more knowledgeable than all my past trainers put together! I trained with Domenic for several months and was extremely happy with his training style and the results I was achieving. Domenic is a professional and he’s very serious about his work. Domenic came to each and every session with a written plan of what we were going to work on any given day and he kept a written log. The sessions were methodical and structured and he worked me hard doing exercises customized for ME to help ME achieve MY goals. There was a period in time where I did go off on my own, however I found myself really missing the coaching aspect of having a one on one trainer so I decided to reconnect with Domenic to continue with my training. If you are looking for a trainer and you want to actually achieve results, Domenic’s the guy!

Robin K.

I have struggled with weight issues most of my life. Some of it was due to a medical condition that makes it difficult to lose weight, but it was also my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. I worked with doctors and nutritionists and I was never able to lose more than 20 lbs. Then I would gain the weight back plus more! My Endocrinologist told me that I would have to learn to live with being overweight. I was 100 lbs. overweight and I felt defeated. The one thing I did not try was hiring a personal trainer, so I decided to try one more time. Well, everything changed when I started training with Domenic. Domenic started me out slowly. He set up a personal training schedule and calculated how many calories I should have a day to lose weight. It slowly came off and I felt motivated and optimistic it could work. He was honest with me, due to my medical condition, if I wanted to lose weight I had to increase my exercise and refine my diet. He doesn’t sugar coat, but he isn’t judgmental either. He promised to be there to provide encouragement, nutritional and exercise guidance, but I had to do the work. That is when my journey truly started. In the past year, I have learned that EVERYONE is different. Diet and exercise that works for one person will not work in the same way for the next. That the scale is a guide and it is my body fat percentage that will determine if I am fit. The scale is no longer my enemy. I have learned that I can’t eat certain foods because how my body burns fat. I stopped looking at what others could or couldn’t eat and focused on what food was good for my health. I have lost 60lbs, and my asthma is gone. With Domenic’s guidance and support I will reach a healthy fat percentage. That may be another 30 or 45 lbs of weight loss, but it is the body fat percentage that will determine the final number. Domenic has taught me 1) be honest with myself — no convincing myself that I am eating healthy when I am not or skip exercising because I walked a mile earlier 2) to listen and follow through with his diet and exercise recommendations 3) believe in myself and I will reach my fitness goals. What are you waiting for?